Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Update

Today is Sunday, March 30! Where did March go? Is it really almost April? How did that happen?
Today was an exciting day. At church they had the first annual Breakin' Bread competition. Will was on Team Nutmeg with Roseanne and Linda. He had so much fun! He chopped and sliced like a pro. They made stromboli and a berry dessert. They came in 2nd place. Will was one of the youngest contestants so he won his own apron! He really enjoyed it and everyone thought he was a big help. I guess this means I can give him more kitchen duty!
It was a beautiful day today- the sun was shining, it was pretty warm. Colby and I took advantage of the nice weather. First we cleaned out that van (that's quite a job!) and then we weeded the plants in front of the house. It was very exciting to see all the new flowers coming up! The daffodills, the tulips, and all the other things I don't remember! It will be nice to see the flowers, then we know it's really spring!
Colby also took some time to blow bubbles. He was so cute! We haven't really played with bubbles in a while, but the Easter Bunny put some in their baskets so Colby had a new
bottle. He thought they were great! I loved watching his face when the bubbles got bigger and bigger. Once he caught a "double" and he thought that was the greatest! It's so nice to see him outside and I especially love when he comes back in, and I get to smell that "outdoors" smell on him!!
Too bad he'll have to take a bath in a little while and lose the smell...
I thought it would be fun to include a picture that was just taken on Friday, March 28! It snowed quite a bit that morning, and the kids got to go outside and do some sledding! I took this photo of them in front of the pond, I just love the way the trees look in the background with the snow all over the branches.

I hope that's the last of the snow though and the warm weather comes soon!!
Yesterday Will had two bowling sessions- he had his regular Saturday morning, but it was a "Beat the Coach" day... I got to be one of the coaches and I actually beat him! But technically he gets a huge handicap so it doesn't matter!
He also was in a tournament out in Scotia. He bowled great, but of course there's a lot of competition. I'm not even sure when we would hear if he moved on....?
And I just have to say-- thank goodness for health insurance, and copays!! We had a minor "situation" tonight... sent Art to pick up my prescription which had run out... and he forgot. And the pharmacy was closed by the time we realized it. So I called another pharmacy, and they were able to access the script and fill it... but first they said it would have to be a cash only sale... and it was $410! For 12 tablets!! Oy! But then they agreed to just take the copay ($10) and bill the insurance tomorrow, after they tell the first pharmacy to cancel it. What a headache!! But I need that Zofran or who knows how sick I'll be???
Enjoy the end of March 2008!

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so A"MUSE"D said...

Wow busy weekend for you. I'm so glad that Will enjoyed the cooking competition. And looks like you and Colby had a ton of fun outside. I'm with you... no more snow... and a big sigh of relief for you on the insurance!