Thursday, March 6, 2008


I had the weirdest, most vivid, dream last night.
We were here at home, and my Grandfather stopped by. (He has been dead since 2002). We invited him into the house, and all of a sudden my Grandmother appeared in the kitchen (she has been dead since 1999), talking to me. She was just standing there talking. Which was odd because my Grandmother had Multiple Sclerosis and was always in a wheelchair, and was very hard to understand. So here she was just standing there talking. And I said to my Grandfather "Wow! Grandma is just standing there talking..." and he was like "No she's not, she died a few years ago." And then she was gone. And so we visited with my Grandpa, and he wanted to play monopoly, and the last thing I remember was trying to decide where to set it up.
He looked great, nice and healthy... I have no idea what we talked about, I just know that we did.
Such an odd dream... I wonder what it means??

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so A"MUSE"D said...

Tracy sounds like a comforting dream even if it was a little weird.. Maybe they were coming to visit the new baby?