Wednesday, August 22, 2007

We're Home!

We are back from our mini-vacation!! We had such a great time!! The weather was really cold... to our surpise. But we made the best of it! On Sunday night we took a walk around town and played miniature golf. The picture above is Samantha, taken in front of some stairs. The store is the store that makes those shirts that say "Life is good".
Here is a cute picture! Yes, I told them to hold hands, but I just love the way they look!
Sitting on the big rock. Colby loved the rocks!
Not a great picture, but here is our family sitting on the swing on the front porch of the cabin. This was taken on Tuesday morning.
On the trail, hiking Bald Mountain. The kids found this tree laying across the trail and wanted to sit on it!

Well, we got to our campground on Sunday afternoon. We rented a cabin, and it was HEATED!! We were so happy because it was cold! It was a small cabin, but enough room for the 6 of us and that's all we needed. We went and played miniature golf at this run-down place... but the kids had fun! There was a Wizard of Oz theme at the end!! So we got to play on the yellow brick road.

That night we went to dinner at a really nice restaurant. They served us all cream of chicken and brocolli soup and the kids LOVED it! Especially Will, I think he filled up on it. Who would have known?

And of course we had a fire that night and made some S'mores...although Sam went right to bed and fell right asleep so she missed it.

On Monday we went to the Enchanted Forest, Water Safari. Yes, it was barely 60 degrees. But we were troopers! There were quite a few dry rides so we started with them. Sam ended up loving the ferris wheel where you sit in a cage and flip yourself upside-down. And the boys loved the round-up... where you stand and it spins so fast you stick to the wall. None of us adults went on the dry rides!!

We did do some water rides....brr!! Some of the water was warm, but some was downright freezing!! Samantha and Will especially loved the slides, they did them over and over! (Of course, there were no lines!) Colby found a little kid area and he stayed there for a while... he doesn't like the big slides but he was very happy with the small ones! At one point he was shivering and shaking and turning blue and still kept going....

I was the first to get dressed. I was way too cold!! Eventually we all did, and went on the dry rides again. And then near the end of the day, the kids put on their cold, wet suits and did water rides for another hour! Crazy kids!

Of course, I didn't bring my camera there because I thought we'd be on water rides all day. But I did bring my book!!

That night we went to eat at a restaurant where the spaghetti sauce tasted like cigarette ashes. Eww eww eww!!!!

On Tuesday, after checking out of the campsite and having a late breakfast... we went and hiked Bald Mountain! Colby heard about Bald Mountain in a children's book called "The Adirondack Kids" and so he begged me to find it. And I did! And we hiked it! It wasn't too long, about an hour up. What a walk! I took awesome pics... I will post some more in my next post. We all got a work out on Bald Mountain!


lam said...

sound like you have a wonderfull time

Paxil Princess said...

Welcome back!
Beautiful pics,Tracy. Im so glad you guys had such a fabulous time.

so A"MUSE"D said...

more wonderful pics... such great kids holding hands just for you!!

Katrina said...

What a wonderful trip even if it was cold. Why is it called bald mountain? Does it have a lack of vegetation at the top?