Saturday, August 25, 2007

Blog Builder Challenge #11

I love the smell of _______ because it reminds me of ___________.
I love the smell of *rubbing alcohol* because it reminds me of *when my babies were born*.
I really do love that smell. You know when you have your baby and they give you those little wipes to put on their umbilical cord until it dries up? Well, I LOVE those little wipes. I could smell them all day long. It makes me remember when Samantha was so little... just 5 pounds... laying in the NICU... healthy but small. And the boys... big little babies... but yet so seemingly tiny... so needy... my angels.
Man, I would love to have that time back again! It is gone so quickly.
But that smell, that alcohol, ALWAYS makes me remember.


Paxil Princess said...

Just reading this...I could actually smell the alcohol and remembered when my kids were babies. :-)

so A"MUSE"D said...

ahh that's super sweet Tracy.. what a great memory!!

Vern (real name, Veronica) said...

What a wonderful memory Tracy.

lam said...

that´s a wonderful memory

Katrina said...

That's a wondeful memory to have with that smell.