Monday, August 27, 2007

This is how far Art had gotten on the house by Saturday. I love the way the dark gray looks!

It was so hot on Saturday-- in the 90s. Too hot for Art to work on the house, so he offered to bring us all to our *secret place* (that's what Colby calls it!).... it's a stream near the house where our friend Helen lives.

Here is Colby splashing his feet in the water. It was actually really cold, really clean water. It looks brown but that's because there are tons on rocks underneath. It's actually pretty shallow where Colby was.

Samantha and Daddy.

Colby, Uncle John, and Will showing their "muscles". I don't really know what Colby is doing....?

We brought Shea along for the ride and she had a ball! She loved playing in the water and swimming. We would throw her toy and then she'd go and fetch it, over and over.
She slept great that night!
We all had fun. It was nice that Uncle John met us there (Art's best friend). The kids really like hanging out with him. In fact, he was helping Will and Colby build a dam.

Art and John both jumped off the bridge, much to the delight of the kids!
It was a wonderful way to spend a HOT Saturday.


Amy said...

the house is looking great! love that pic of colby swimming :)

lam said...

the house is looking great already,can´t wait to se it finished. Looks like you had a great time

so A"MUSE"D said...

Wow looking good... I've been trying to talk dh in to a new color of siding when we get our addition but he says.. white is easy to match let's just leave it... anyway.. it's so close to being done... yippee!

Paxil Princess said...

Your house looks beautiful!

Rosemary said...

What a great place for the kids, clean water and loads of fun.

Great to see the house coming along.

Katrina said...

The house is looking great.

That river looks like a fun place to spend a hot day.

Didi said...

What a wonderful fun family day!