Monday, August 13, 2007

Here we go!

Here is the old door...
And here is the new door! We love it, we love it so much!! Art spent 6 hour putting it in... poor guy, his square was bent and so he had to use his level the whole night... which took him a lot longer! But he did it and it's done!!
And our new windows came in, so they are in our garage!! Yippee! But unfortunately, he was going to start with putting in the big window in the living room, and of course that window was damaged so it had to be re-ordered. So he changed gears and started ripping off the siding. And then he put on some insulation. What a difference! The house looks so weird. But not worse, it couldn't look worse! Ha ha ha. I'm so glad my husband is so handy. He is saving us bunches of money by doing this himself. Of course, it makes for long days for him... and I can't really help. But he is awesome!!!

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Brook said...

It is great to have a handy man around the house!