Wednesday, July 22, 2009


A very quick update. Will update again tomorrow (if I remember, ha ha)
Samantha jammed her finger on Monday, had to have an x-ray but it's not broken. Hard to tell in the photo but it is bent and at a weird angle. And it hurts and pops. With her, if it's not one thing- it's another. We haven't been to PT in a while. Her knees are okay, and her hamstring is *almost* healed. I guess.
Next week Sam and Will head to church camp, and they are both excited!! They're starting to pack (and of course, realize what they need and don't have). I will miss them! A whole week.
Owen is doing good. Walking all over the place. And now he can "click" with his tongue. And he makes this really funny face (I tried to get it in the pic above)

It's 10 PM... so I need to go to bed. Will update again in the morning.

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