Monday, July 27, 2009

July 27

at least, I *think* it's July 27. Time is getting away from me, and quickly!!

The big news in our house: Samantha and Will have gone to Camp Fowler for the week. We dropped them off yesterday. The camp was a little over 2 hours away, not bad. Owen slept most of the way up, and all of the way back!! We were able to leave Colby with a friend, and Sam and Will actually got along :) It was NICE. Will was excited for camp, and as soon as we got there, he made friends and started playing. Sam was nervous. She really didn't want to be there, but I think secretly she did and was just shy. She didn't know anyone (Will did) so it was even harder.
I MISS THEM ALREADY!!!! I thought about them all night long. I'm sure they're fine, but....

Colby started his final week of summper camp today. He's loving it so I'm a little sad it's almost over.

Next week we will go to Virginia for a few days.

It is really hot today!!! And I have no ice cream so that's a bummer.

I'm hoping to go to the house tonight and work on the clothes we found in the attic. I'm hoping to have them all done by the end of the week. Art has been doing so well on the house, it looks awesome! Now to decide what to do with it....

Owen is walking and trying to talk and being a troublemaker and getting into everything. He's a monkey! Climbs on everything. And a dog, eating the dogfood. We love him!!!!

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so A"MUSE"D said...

I love seeing what you and your family have been up to!