Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's been so long...

Look how big Owen is getting!!
Here is a picture of him just mouthing his fingers. He is doing this a lot lately. And drooling. I wonder if he is "teething"? They say that babies teeth for months before you actually see a tooth, so it's possible. Hopefully there are no teeth coming soon-- ouch!
He absolutely loves his fingers...
Here is Owen with his new gym toy he got for Christmas. I just love this picture because I imagine him thinking "Wowzers! How cool!" just by the expression on his face!! And can you tell he is standing all by himself? That's a fluke really. He loves to stand, prefers to actually, all you have to do is wrap his little fingers around yours and he will hold himself up. So here he is, Art was holding him and let go for a minute and Owen is standing! cool!

My Dad and Becky came to visit the Saturday after Christmas. This is a photo of my baby brother Zarek, who was 6 weeks old, and Owen was 11. What a difference 5 weeks makes!! Zarek is a *baby baby* and Owen seems like a much older baby! Zarek doesn't hold himself up or anything yet.
And Owen is getting a little baby attitude... he HATES his swing and now when you try to put him in it, he arches his back and cries. OY!!

Here is Kaden in all his cuteness. Eighteen months old now.

And here is Owen, mouthing a toy. He was sitting in his Bumbo, and we put the toy in his hand. He does not do this on his own. And it does not last very long. He gets upset easily if he is not being held!!
The kids went back to school yesterday after winter break, and Owen is much happier back on his "schedule". Even though we hardly have an exact routine down... but he gets upset when it's too chaotic and busy and loud... and when he doesn't get to sleep at the right time. Which stinks since Art is working nights, and I can't sleep until he gets home...so Owen is up a bit later still.
Not much else is really happening here. :-)

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so A"MUSE"D said...

Oh Tracy I cannot believe how big Owen is getting. And your brothers wowey.. Kaden is so big.. seems like he was just born yesterday!