Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Time to show some more pictures of my FABULOUS, ADORABLE, BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING children!!!

Look at Mr. Blue Eyes sucking on those fingers! Isn't he just so sweet?? He loves to eat those fingers!

Here is a picture of Samantha and Owen!!!
Samantha just adores Owen. I can tell he's goin to be a very spoiled little boy, especially by her. She always wants to give him love.
(But she still won't change diapers, and spit up makes her run away)

And another smiling Owen picture!!! He smiles all the time. He just loves everyone, loves the attention! He has the sweetest little laugh and he loves to laugh and smile lot. Lately, if you go "Blech" really loud in his face, he laughs and laughs!!

Last night, out of the blue, Will offered to read Colby his bedtime story. cool! They read down by the fire (the best place in the house!) It was very sweet. These too are so hot and cold lately... they're either best friends, or worst enemies. Obviously I'd rather see them getting along! So this makes me really *smile*

Ha ha ha! Colby took a bath last night and made his hair like this! He was so proud of himself, and he really had me laughing! Sometimes I just need to step back and stop what I'm doing to just laugh and giggle with him. He's such a fun little guy!!

Art is still working evenings and it's really been hard on all of us. Of course it's hard for Art- his hours are all screwed up... he can't sleep in for too long... he misses the kids... it's tough. And the kids don't get to see him either and that's hard on them. And me... well, sometimes I feel like a single mom! Art leaves for work before the kids get home from work... and wakes up after they leave again. I'm juggling tae kwon do and basketball and Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts... making sure dinner is done and cleaned back up...being referee when the kids fight constantly... all the while trying to take care of a 3 month old who doesn't like to be put down!! But I know it's not permanent and we'll have him back soon. I just hope it's REALLY soon!!!

I forgot- a month or so ago Samantha auditioned for All County Chorus and made it! So this weekend she has a big concert... kids from all over Rensselaer county will be there. How exciting! I'm so proud of her- not only for making it, but also for having the guts to audition!! Go Sam!!

And I also forgot to mention that we lost Midnight a week or so ago... you know, Midnight the hamster.... It was sad... he just died one night... Sam took it pretty hard, but even when we offered to get another one she said no. So we no longer have a hamster in the house.

I better go do what I can while Owen is still sleeping. :-)

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