Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another update! 1-21-09

Another week with no update. I'm so sorry! To say I've been busy is an understatement. And on Monday I came down with a stomach bug that I'm just now feeling a little better from. Oy! I *really* hope the kids don't get it.

Like that top picture? That is Nick, Sami and Colby.... they were "dog piling" as they call it. And Sami's tooth fell out while they were doing it- it was quite funny!!

Let me tell you what we did this week...

Last Wednesday Art and I spent 3 hours in the boys' room cleaning. They're not very good at cleaning it themselves, and I'm the first to admit they have way too much stuff. So we decided to go in and clean it for them- while they were at school, of course. We were able to get rid of so much! A lot to the garbage can, some upstairs for Owen, and some we just put away somewhere else.

We also took the toybox out of their room and put the desk that was in our room into their's. Will loves that!! And they each havea drawer to themselves for special things... you know, like pokemon cards and secret toys and such!
I hope you appreciate the before and after photos... they are the same area, the toybox is gone now... the pink didn't really match anyways!!

On Thursday we did Owen's room. We finally put up his crib- not that he sleeps in it, of course... but it's nice to have up and maybe he'll eventually nap in it? We also got rid of lots of stuff in his room... so hard to believe he's already outgrown so much!! Luckily I was able to pass on a bunch of gender-neutral stuff to my brother and sister-in-law for my new niece (due in May). I still have lots of boy stuff I need to find a home for. But now Owen's room is nice and clean too!

On Friday we took a break from the instense cleaning!!

On Saturday Samantha did something else that we are SO PROUD OF!!! She was in a concert at Lansingburgh High School. She was in the All County Chorus. It's a chorus made up of 100 kids from 10 or so different schools in the county. I think there were 7 from her school?? We got to see an orchestra, a senior chorus, a jazz band, and the elementary chorus. There was also a band but we left before they came on. I was AMAZED. I thought the concert was wonderful. And Samantha had to audition to make it so we are proud that she had the guts to audition and then made it as well!!

Random picture of my 3 boys!!! (love the wallpaper)

On Saturday also, after bowling, the boys were in the Pinewood Derby with cub scouts. I coudln't go because I was at Sam's concert. But Art went and they had fun. They didn't win, but Colby was able to get the trophy he won last year but forgot to take home! bonus!

Will also had a basketball game that day that I missed. But Art says he is improving a lot, and even his coach took me aside to tell me that. Go, Will!!

On Sunday we just stayed home and did nothing. Fun and exciting, huh?? On Monday I brought the kids to the Y where we met Grandpa Bill for some swimming! Samantha wasn't there though, she went snow tubing with a friend all day.
And on Monday night I came down with the lovely stomach bug. Grrrr....

Owen is getting SO BIG!!! On Friday he ROLLED OVER for the first time!! And now he does it a lot-- he was so frustrated in the beginning because his arm kept getting caught, but now he does it perfect. He goes back to front, to the left always!

We have been playing lots of games as a family, and a new favorite is Rummifun. Will really enjoys it!! Of course Art is ultra-competitive in that game, but that only makes it more fun for me! Colby doesn't really get it yet though.

What else is going on with us??
Oh yeah, on Sunday Sam had a basketball game (I guess we didn't just sit around!) they lost... bummer... her team is good but apparently they need some practice!!


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