Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Fun!

Colby's friend Evan came over after school on Wednesday to play with him.
Evan's mom was playing with Owen and Owen was smiling and smiling- it was so cute! He was blowing bubbles too, and talking and babbling... he is getting such a cute personality!!! I love it.

Evan and Colby made a snowman! It was so adorable- they went outside with a plan to build a snowman... but Colby spent a lot of time laying on the ground while Evan did the work!! They ended up making a 3-ball-high snowman... and decorated his face with rocks and carrots. He also had sticks for arms. And of course, a scarf and hat to finish it off!

Colby and Evan

Colby and Evan by their finished snowman...!!

The snow that day was perfect for snowmen and snowball fights, which my kids had when Evan went home...
And today it is snowing again. They're saying we could get 7-12 inches... and it's been coming down steadily for the past 2 hours so we just may! The kids have already been out sledding. And school closed early today, and tae kwon do is cancelled again... and so is basketball. So I'll be home with the kids (Art is working of course...) and we'll probably just wrap gifts or something....

Tomorrow we're supposed to head out to Pennsylvania for a family Christmas party... here's hoping the snow isn't too much for us to go...

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so A"MUSE"D said...

Ahh he is the cutest baby..

And they buit and awesome snowman, great job guys!