Monday, December 22, 2008

Anyone want me to send them some snow??

We were hit with a snowstorm again! On Saturday we had to cancel our plans to go to Pennsylvania for a family Christmas party, which really really upset the kids. But there was so much snow, and it snowed all day long, so we were glad that we had decided to stay home.
Art loves the snow! Especially when he can plow with his quad! Here is a pic of him and Will plowing. It made Will feel so happy to help his dad.

Uh oh...Owen was sad too...and here is the proof!! I was so happy to get this picture. Ha ha...only a scrapbooking mom would say that!!

On Sunday, when we had even MORE snow... Art hooked a rope to the quad and drove the kids around!! They had so much fun!!
This is Colby!!

And this is Will...

And this is Art pulling Will up the hill.
You can see that it is still snowing a lot by the coloring.. it was early afternoon in this photo.

Oh- and on Saturday the boys tested for tae kwon do-- the are now PURPLE belts!!
Well, off to do Christmas-things!!

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