Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. We did here.
Samantha went with Grandpa Bill in the morning to deliver turkey dinners to the less fortunate. She really enjoyed it, even though (of course) there were some *situations*. Imagine getting pulled over by the police when you're out feeding the homeless on Thanksgiving morning with your grandpa? Ha ha.
And then Grandpa joined us for turkey dinner--yum yum! We didn't fry the turkey this year, we just cooked it in the over. It made the house smell so good!! We spent a lot of that day in the basement putting together a puzzle (that never got finished...)

Owen has been smiling more and more... doesn't he look so sweet in that top picture? He was actually napping- you have to wonder what he was dreaming about! :)

I took our Christmas card photo on Thanksgiving too. This second photo is a pic we took but didn't use. Don't my children look like raggamuffins? Aaah, but I love them so much!! Owen looks so out of place in the photo-- not looking at the camera, and oh so small....!

And another mommy and Owen picture! We had a couple of friends over one night to play darts into the wee hours of the morning, and of course Owen stayed up too... most of the time anyways. We tried to get a picture of me and him with him smiling, but it's almost like he knows what we want and just want to do it!!

The next picture is Owen with his new double chin. Seriously, where did that come from? It's like it showed up all of a sudden one day. I do think the hat makes him look a bit chubbier. And don't you just LOVE that outfit? It's a zutanto outfit that I got from another mama... I just love
it. I'm hoping it still fits him next week when he goes for his 2 month photo shoot. And if not, at least I got some cute pictures of him in it. It's size 0-6 months and he's only 7 weeks... oh well.

And that last picture, I can almost imagine him thinking "Oh Samantha, WHAT are you doing to me?"
Samantha did a little photo shoot of her own, with Owen and all of her dolphins on her bed. I didn't look at my camera aftewards, and I when I uploaded them there were about 30 pictures!! At least there are some very cute ones! It was neat to see the way she posed the baby, and placed the props. A photographer in the making??

I have to say: everything is not well here at our house. Unfortunately, Art has been put back on evening shifts... working 3-11... meaning, he leaves around 2:15. Which is about 20 minutes before the first batch of kids comes home from school. And last night I couldn't sleep until he got home, which means I was up until around midnight. This morning he got up with me at 6:30, but I don't think he'll do that tomorrow morning!! And of course that means I am on my own for all of the evening activities-- and we are SO busy...I hate having to choose which activity to skip for the night.. but at least there are some things that I can have the kids carpool to and from... I really hope he's not on that shift for too long....

But the good news is: There are only 24 days until Christmas!! The countdown has officially begun!! I am so excited! I'm such a little kid at Christmas! I am having so much fun doing my shopping... although there are a couple of people on my list who are just so difficult to buy for... and I am beginning to stress over them. Ugh.

Happy Tuesday again! I hope you all are well... and welcome to my new blog readers, Theresa and Chuck and **Desiree**!!!!! :-)

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so A"MUSE"D said...

ahh your kids are soo cute together. And you take some awesome pictures.