Monday, July 7, 2008

What we did this weekend....

Happy 4th of July!!
Samantha ended up going to Virginia with my sister and her family to watch Colin's BMX race and to help babysit.... so it was just Art and me and the boys. We had a little BBQ at home with Grandpa Bill (I LOVE Art's hamburgers!!) and then we went into Rensselaer to watch the fireworks. We met another couple and their two boys, and immediately all the boys began playing football, along with a handful of other boys who joined in. It was great for them, and fun for us to watch. Who knew our boys played football??

On Saturday we let the boys ride on the quads. This was Will's first time on Art's big quad. Apparently he could make it so the quad didn't go very fast... I think Will only got it up to 7 miles per hour. But boy was he in his glory! He was so happy to be on the big quad! We're in trouble....

And here is Colby on the "little quad".... They love riding this thing around the yard!! He was riding right behind Will for a while!

On Friday and Saturday Art FINISHED the siding on the house!! It is ALL DONE!! Everything! What a load off of his shoulders.
And so of course, he jumped right into another project, the man just cannot sit still!!
On Sunday he ripped down the front porch (with the "help" of the boys) and put up a whole new one!

Don't you love the new porch?? I am amazed at how much better is looks. Of course, Art keeps saying "it's temporary" but I love it!! We only primed it last night. It will eventually be painted gray on the steps and the bottom, and then white on the banisters.
And my big joke- this project took Art about 8 hours and 7 beers. :)


Katrina said...

What a fun weekend. WTG Art on finishing both the siding & the porch!

ginafiorito said...

Your house looks great!!! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY by the way!! I hope you had a great day!!!!!