Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Welcome to 2008!

This is the Annual "Couch Picture" taken at my mom's house on Christmas Eve. Will, Colby, Colin, Samantha, Braelyn and Nellie. My mom has taken this picture every year and it's so nice to have and to see how the kids change. This is actually the first year where they are all smiling!

Happy Birthday, Art!
Can you believe that my husband just turned 35? Wow!
We celebrated with a night out, just the two of us and some friends... out to dinner and the comedy club. It was great!
And of course cake on his birthday!

I just had to include this picture of Samantha's "hole"! She had a very loose molar in her mouth... it was very painful and bled a lot, but she couldn't get it out with all the metal around it. Art actually had to pull it out with his pliers!!

So now it is 2008. The new year arrived at our house very quietly... we were all in bed asleep by 10 PM on December 31st! But that doesn't mean we're not excited to have a new year upon us.
Art spent the first day of the year working on the basement, on his bar. He is so handy and so talented!
The kids spent the first day of the year mostly playing outside- it was beautiful! It snowed and snowed but it wasn't too cold so it was perfect weather!

I spent the first day of the new year organizing my scrapbooking stuff and doing a layout for a new class/challenge I joined called LOAD (Layout a day). The goal is to scrap a layout a day in January! I know I can do it!
May 2008 bring us all happiness!


Laurie said...

Aww cute pics, love the one of Art and the kids, he's so cute ;) You're a lucky lady! May the new year bring you continued luck!!!

Katrina said...

Happy New year Tracy!

Happy birthday Art!

I can see why it would have been difficult to get that tooth out. I'm glad it came out in the end without having nto go to a dentist.

Mohsin said...

Dunno how wise a decision pliers were, but I'm glad your little is in good health now. Is that the permanent replacement peeking through already?