Friday, January 25, 2008

Happy Friday!

Just thought I'd do a quick update... no pictures because I'm too lazy to upload them on to the computer right now.

Things are busy here, as usual. The boys are testing in a week for their green tae kwon belts, which means we're trying to fit in as many practices as we can! We're also in the midst of basketball season, and this Saturday is the pinewood derby. All 3 are participating as scouts, and I am chairing the even on the Girl Scout side. Did I mention we also have bowling the same day? Oy!

Art is still working hard on the basement. He's been working on the stairs, and they look really nice! He just finished taping so that he can start staining the wood. He also cleaned my laundry room for me and did *all* the laundry!! What a guy! And he build some storage spaces for the all "stuff" we have. And we purged through our camping stuff. We had way to much for a family who probably camps once a year!!

Well, have a great day and keep warm! It's freezing here!


Katrina said...

That's nice of Art to help you out around the house. That basement is going to look fantastic once it is finished Tracy.

Good luck for all the events this weekend.

Amy said...

Wow your are crazy busy! Can't wait to see the basement when it's done!