Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day!

It's a holiday- so the kids are home from school. We decided to do something new and fun today since we have no "extra" kids... we went to the YMCA in Bethlehem and went ice skating! Brrr, was it cold! Art said "You don't need snow pants, it's indoors"... yeah well, he forget to mention that it's still freezing and wet indoors!! I'm sorry to admit that we had to scrounge through the lost and found box for gloves for Sam and Colby!! And Will of course made friends with some kids right away! They all did great. We ended up bringing our friend Sarah, and she was very new at skating... so Sam stayed with her the whole time. What a great friend she was! The boys just skated all around. Will never fell, but Colby fell lots of times!! He loved it though. Too bad I couldn't bring my camera.

So the first picture in this post is of some heaters. Kind of insignificant, I suppose... except that they are in the basement! And Art just put them in over the weekend!! Yippee, we have heat in our basement now! It is awesome! It is so great to have such a handy husband!

And the second picture is of our cute little Blueberry! It's not the best photo... but can you see that his feet are off the ground? Yes, he loves to climb the cage! He somehow jumps up and holds on to the middle bar, and climbs all the way to the top! It's pretty cute. And now that Samantha is over her fear of Blueberry biting her, she holds her all of time, which is making Blaueberry very friendly and lovable.

I hope everyone...the kids especially...but really everyone... takes Dr. King's message to heart and makes sure that they help out anyone who is hurting... what a wonderful world this would be if even a handful of people promised to do that, without thinking of themselves first.

Happy Monday!


Amy said...

Thanks for stopping by! Blueberry is pretty cute!

Katrina said...

Blueberry is very cute.

Ice skating sounded fun even if it was cold & wet.

so A"MUSE"D said...

ahh that is one adorable hamster!!