Monday, December 17, 2007

So much going on!

It's been snowing here in NY!! Finally, as the kids say! Last Thursday it snowed all day, and so much so that the kids were sent home early from school.
I took this picture of Colby, Desiree, Will and Adam playing in the backyard. I love that you can see the snowflakes! And there are the boys making their "peace" signs- their new thing!
It isn't snowing anymore, but we had a little storm yesterday... between the snow and the freezing rain and the wind... it really did a number out there!!
I did bring the kids sleigh riding out in the pit! That was fun! Although the walk there is quite a hike considering you have to walk through a foot a snow!! :)

But as the snow was falling, we were toasty warm inside, working on the basement! Here is a picture of the bar... on the front is the mosaic Art and I did with the tiles. (He did three, I did the one on the far left!) That was fun. It still needs to be grouted though (which Art is doing right now!)

Something cool thing that happened Saturday-- we got our couch!!! This is our new sectiona!! I love love love it! It is so big and comfy! Here are the kids (and Desiree) hanging out on it. They all really love it!

I cannot believe that Christmas is just a week away. Wow! How did that happen? There is something on my schedule every single day from now until then. Tis the season!!! I'm just SO HAPPY that the basement is done for this!
We also decorated our tree on Saturday, and it is so pretty to lay on the couch and look at the tree all lit up in the dark!!! Love it!

Happy Monday! Better be good this week!


so A"MUSE"D said...

Wow, Big round of applause for that bar it is so awesome... I see a future for Art builing custom bars.... Enjoy your new space Tracy it looks fantastic.

Katrina said...

Wow that looks fantastic Tracy! The mosaics look really good.

Have a wonderful christmas.

Jenn said...

that bar looks awesome!!