Friday, December 7, 2007

Meet Izzy!

Samantha has been working on a "crayfish" unit at school. When it was over, her teacher said the kids who wanted a crayfish could have one, as long as their parent signed a permission slip. It was a lottery drawing. And guess who won?
Yes, yesterday Samantha brought home "Isador" and she calls her Izzy. She showed us that she is female, and she even told us quite a few other things I didn't know, like the crayfish is cousins with the lobster, it pinches, it can take its eyes inside, and some more that I can't remember. She's not afraid to pick her up, either, even though she *almost* got pinched a couple of times!
Her friend Sarah also won one! And we thought it was neat that Sarah's was "H" and Sam's was "I" and together they spelled "hi"! :)
They had a little crayfish race in the living room yesterday, and showed how to see their breathing using food coloring. It was pretty neat!
Welcome to the family, Izzy!


Laurie said...

Cool! Sounds like she's learning lots at school :)

so A"MUSE"D said...

Wow what a super cool pet, I remember going out and looking for crayfish when I was little... we always called them crawdads!!

Katrina said...

What a cool pet to have!