Saturday, November 17, 2007

Way to go, Will!!!

Will had bowling this morning.
Last week we paid $7 so that his score would try and pre-qualify him for a tournement that is being held at our bowling alley. When we got there this morning, we saw that he was in 31st place (with about 50 people trying). Since they only take the top 7, we had the option to try again today. We did, and guess what? HE MADE IT!! We don't know what place he ended up, but it must be the top 7, or close to it!!! We are SO proud of him!
Now, the day after Thanksgiving, he has to go to another bowling alley and try again. If he does good there, and goes on, then he would be in the tournement, and it would be on TV!!! WOW!!!

Way to go, Will!
He is really coming along with bowling. It's great for him. He's improved so much since he started, and he loves it!!!

PLEASE think of him on Friday morning. I'll be shopping, but I'll be wishing him luck too!! :)

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Katrina said...

That's fantastic Will! Good luck for Friday.