Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Still Going...

Well, we are in full-swing in the basement! I say we, but I really mean Art. He has been working really hard these past couple of weeks... every night... trying to get the basement done in time for Christmas.
It's hard to "see" it in the above picture... but the thing in the back on the right is the bar... or what is going to be the bar. Art has big plans for that!
Under the stairs are two black "boxes" is to hold the TV/playstations, etc. The other smaller one is to hold our slot machine.

And here he is painting. It's hard to tell, but the color is like a dark grey. It looks almost purplish when you walk down the stairs. But we like it!
Now he is starting to work on the tile. Can you say "sticker shock"?? I had no idea it would cost so much! And we still have to get the carpet!! It will be SO worth it when it is finished though.
I have visions of watching TV down there, with the woodstove on!! I can't wait!!
Well, I'm off-- going to a Garbage Bag Fashion Show with Samantha and the Girl Scouts. I'm looking forward to a really fun time!


so A"MUSE"D said...

Wow looks great Tracy!! Can't wait to see those finished pics.

bahama97 said...

The basement is awesome!! It will be a great hang out spot for everyone. TFS the pics!

Katrina said...

The basement is looking fantastic! What a wonderful living space it is going to be.