Thursday, November 29, 2007

Garbage Bag Princess!

Here is my beautiful Samantha, dressed up in a garbage bag!!
We went to a Garbage Bag Fashion Show with Girl Scouts last night. It was pretty cool! Each girl was partnered with another girl, was supposed to be someone they didn't know but Samantha was paired up with Caley, one of the pitchers on her softball team! Which was nice, really, because Samantha was a bit shy and hesitant.

They did great though! The outfit Samantha has on (top, bottom, and headband) was made by Caley. Most girls made dresses but of course Samantha can't be seen in anything "girly"!!
The girls were models on the runway, complete with spotlights. It was a really fun time!
And going to bed last night, I snapped a few pictures of Will. This is what he did at the last second, and I love the expression on his face! He is such a fun kid!

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Katrina said...

That is a great rubbish bag outfit! Have to love Will's smile