Friday, November 16, 2007


Some Leahon updates:

Tonight was the Science Fair at CES. Both boys did projects with their Cub Scouts troops. Unfortunately, right around dinner time, Colby started feeling sick. He had a small temp (99) and said his throat hurt. We brought them all to the fair anyway, but he wouldn't let me put him down and so we only stayed about 45 minutes. We came home, Colby went right to sleep, and Will headed off to basketball practice (with his new ball- how exciting!) Samantha is waiting for a movie to come on.
And big news-- it was * snowing * at CES. Well, flurries. For about a minute. But still, it counts! It's cold enough, it may as well snow and make the cold worth it.
More news-- and I'm probably the only one who is excited by this!!... but... the oldies station (98.3) is playing *Christmas Music * already!! I just love Christmas music! Art won't let me listen to it in the house until after Thanksgiving, but I can still listen to it in the car!!
Kids got their report cards today. Samantha did excellent!! 100s and high 90s... who is surprised??? She did get one "C" which she is upset about. But it was on an assignment, not a real quarterly grade ;)
And Will...boy, we are SO proud of him! His report card was all 3s and 4s!! (4s are the highest). Compared to last year, it is a huge improvement!! We couldn't be happier.
Colby did great too. His report card was lots of good grades too, and lots of nice comments.
We are very proud of them!!!
Well, off to watch "House Hunters" and munch on my Nestle milk chocolate chips!!!!! Have a great night!

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Katrina said...

WTG Samantha, Will & Colby, well done all of you.