Monday, September 20, 2010

Look at us!

The boys are now officially bodons in tae kwon do. They are very close to being Black Belts!
This past weekend we took a little trip out to the Berkshires in Massachusetts to visit a time share. We were smart enough not to give in to their sales pitch... and we were able to spend all day Saturday at the resort. The kids played on the playground, in the arcade, and they played shuffleboard! We also did a round of mini golf. It was fun, but not somewhere we'd want to go back to.
Saturday was our 11th anniversary! We took the kids out to dinner at Friendly's and back to the hotel for a swim. The boys loved the hot tub! Even Owen liked jumping into the pool!
School is going well, kids are doing good. It's a short post today because I'm extra sleepy!