Tuesday, September 7, 2010

back to school!

How does that song go, "It's the most wonderful time of the year!" Nah, I can't say that I totally feel that way, but I CAN say that it was time for them to head back to school, and structure, and routine.
Samantha is in 8th grade now. She is taking advanced Spanish and advanced Math. She ordered a special purple-zebra backpack and a Cody Simpson tee shirt to wear on the first day of school!!
Will is in 6th grade. He has all of his supplies color-coded and organized. He is mostly excited to get back to technology class.
Colby is in 4th grade. He didn't have much in the way of a supply list this year, so his backpack was fairly light! He got his hair cut and styled, and spent about 20 minutes in the bathroom last night blow drying it!!
Owen is here all by himself, but he doesn't notice yet. He did enjoy watching the bus go by a few times!