Monday, February 8, 2010


As I'm typing this, owen is sleeping on the bed next to me. Asleep face down on the bed, still in his jacket. I sat him on the bed, he leaned forward and he fell asleep! Too funny!

On Saturday night Will and Colby had their Blue & Gold dinner. Will is now officially a Boy Scout!!! We are so proud of him! He went over the bridge and got his kercheif changed from plaid to red. He was given a new book, which is promptly lost. Grrrr. He has a meeting tomorrow so I'm really hoping someone has it. The dinner was great, roast beef, yum!!

Yesterday the kids cleaned their rooms! All 3 of them! It took the boys a little longer than it took Sam, but they did great! I love clean rooms.

Not much else to update.

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