Sunday, February 14, 2010

Samantha is now officially a teenager!!!

Heaven help us, we have a teenager in the house now!!!!!!
(is this for real? are we really old enough to have a 13 year old daughter?)

She had another eventful birthday this year- at the end of the day at school, she fainted during chorus. She doesn't remember it, but she fell off the riser, hitting her leg and elbow. She has a big bruise on her arm and a bruise/swelling on her leg. Joy. It was a pretty scary situation though because I was at Colby's class for a Valentine's Day party when it happened, and I didn't have my cell phone on me... so I heard about it when I got home from Will and Sam's friend who had come home on the bus. They told me "something happened to Sam at school. I think she fainted and hit her head or something". Yeah, that was enough to send me into panic mode. But she really was okay.

On Friday night we surprised her by inviting Papa and his family over for dinner. She LOVED that. She was very happily surprised. Kaden and Zarek are so big! I know it happens, but when you don't see kids in a while it's amazing how much bigger they get!
It was very interesting to see Owen with them. Any toy they touched, he immediately went and took it away. He had a very hard time! Whining and crying and grabbing toys. He wasn't very happy with those uncles of his!
Aunt Amy and Uncle Mike also came over for cake and ice cream. It was a fun night!

On Saturday Aunt Amy and I surprised Sam and her friends Savannah and Joelle with a mall scavenger hunt birthday party! That's what all these pictures are from. We bought all the presents before hand, and then sent them around to stores, one by one, with clues to figure out where to go. It was a lot of fun!! We sent them to about 8 stores, and they had a ball. We first gave them matching (Aero!) shirts, and they all also got lip gloss, mountain dew and M&Ms. Sam got lots of cool things like a gift card to Borders, a new softball glove, aero pajamas, magazines, hair stuff, and other things. It was a fun fun fun birthday!!!

But now, she is sick (again). It seems like she is always sick! Her knees are hurting her, and her head. and her belly. She is laying in the basement watching a movie eating ice cream. She may have to miss her basketball game :*(

Happy birthday Sam I Am!! We love you Sweetheart!!

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greenmonster said...

how the time flies!

(looks like you need to change the date on your camera! ;o) )