Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Yesterday was no school, and gorgeous weather, so I took the boys outside for a little bit! A really little bit, because Owen's hands got cold and his boot fell off! But before that, he really had fun. Colby brought him sledding down the hill and Owen laughed and laughed! It was cute. Will didn't want to go sledding much. But they did stand on the sled and pretend to snowboard.
24 has begun!!!
Owen has been a silly man today... climbing on an over-turned basket and making silly faces. I HAD to take pictures of that! And oh yeah, he took off his pants. He always does that.
Over the weekend Will scored a 177 in bowling, his highest game yet! And he got 4 strikes in a row, so he got his cheese fries!!!
Owen is in a really happy mood- what happened to naps??

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so A"MUSE"D said...

Oh my I can't believe how big Owen is getting! And your kids looked like they had a blast!