Wednesday, January 13, 2010

1/13 update

No pictures, as I lost the charger to my camera battery and had to order a new one, so I haven't taken many pictures. I did get the new one but haven't had a chance to charge the battery.

Big update from yesterday: We ended up at the hospital with Samantha. She had been having pains since Sunday in her belly and I brought her to the dr. yesterday, who was concerned that it was either her appendix or an ovarian cyst. So we had to go to Albany Med and get her an ultrasound. Turns out it is neither of those, which is a good thing! We're thinking the pain is possibly a bruised muscle from her basketball game on Sunday when she was elbowed by an opponent. They did notice some enlarged lymph nodes though.

Her game on Sunday was awesome! She made the most rebounds, go Sam!!!
She had gone camping with her Girl Scout troop and came home Sunday just in time for her game. So she's tired out also.
On Friday night Art and Colby went to a high school volleyball game with the Cub Scouts. Will and I stayed home. He babysat while I worked on a scrapbook. It was too easy for him, Owen fell right asleep!!!
On Saturday the boys bowled and then we went to Will's meeting for his Australia trip. After that we stopped at Desiree's hoping to steal her for the night, but instead they kept the boys! Art and I didn't know what to do, so we went out to dinner at a little cafe we like. I was really craving waffles, and even though they did breakfast all day, they didn't do waffles all day. What a let down!!

We finished 24, so we're ready for the new season this Sunday!!

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