Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Update again!

Went to the doctor yesterday. Had an ultrasound and here is the picture I got. Isn't it cute? You can see his face, his cheek (lookin' chubby aren't they?) and his hand-- he must have been waving to me! The good news is he is HEAD DOWN so not breech anymore. That is really fabulous news because I do not want to have a C-section. Now that he is head down, chances of him flipping back are pretty small. Although it can happen, so the dr. said they would check when I go into labor. Which, will be in the next 4 weeks... ack!
Baby measured at 6 lb. 10 oz, which is about 10 oz. bigger than one site I looked on. I guess I should just accept the fact that I'm most likely going to have another big baby. Heartrate was about 127, which is good... it was about the same two weeks ago.
I myself gained 4 pounds in 2 weeks... OMG! But it's okay, so far it's all in my belly. At least that's what Art keeps telling me. Think he's just being nice? :-)
Tomorrow I am 37 weeks and well, 38 weeks is considered full term so we are really close now!!!

In other news... kids are doing great at school. Will is really enjoying his teacher, and the kids in his class. Sam is doing well too, although she has decided not to play saxophone anymore and we are dealing with that issue. Colby is doing well... tomorrow night is 2nd grade parents night. I can't go so Art will go and hopefully let me know all the info!!

Tonight we sign the kids up for basketball again. Will decided last night that "okay"- he'll do it. I can't really say no when the other two are doing it, can I? And I'm already dreading the season-- three kids, on three different schedules... with a baby to haul around! Oh well, what's the fun of having kids if you can't do all this fun stuff??

Speaking of all this fun stuff... bowling started last Saturday. Will AND Colby are bowling now. Will of course did great, scored a 110! He is one point less than the kid on his team with the highest average, so he's trying to move up! And Colby did great too. His coach was very impressed... Colby scored a 40 and a 53. Most kids on their first day score around a 10. And one did. Colby had fun so that's all that matters really.

And fall ball is in full swing! (That's fall softball). Samantha is once again on a purple team - much to her dismay. But she did get her number 11 jersey! And she has a few friends on her team which is very nice. Unfortunately, all their games on Sunday... mornings. Which interferes with Sunday school and church. But we will make do and get creative.

I'm going scrapbooking this Saturday with my friend Raye! I'm so excited! It's a yearly crop we go to out in Chicopee, MA. She keeps saying I better not have the baby there... and I just keep telling her she better be up on her birthing skills! Ha ha. Let's hope I can get a lot done. And have none of those painful contractions that make me cry. Not there!!

Gotta run, and pack for that crop! Have a great day!

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Katrina said...

What a great scan photo. I hope you have fun at the crop & that he stays inside.