Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Is it Wednesday already??

Sorry I haven't updated in over a week.
This is a picture of the backyard... it's our view from the new deck! It's funny how the view changes when you're a little higher up. And it's a clear view, unlike the deck off of our bedroom, which has apple tree branches all around it!

Things are going well. Had a doctor's appointment yesterday. Didn't gain any weight last week, which is a nice surprise! Especially considering the baby surely did. He is still head down. One thing that stinks though is that I tested positive last week for Group B Strep, which means I'll have to have antibiotics during the birth, through an IV. I HATE IVs so this upsets me. But of course if it could hurt the baby I will surely do it. I was so flustered at the appt. that I didn't even ask how much the heart rate was or anything. She did mention I was measuring at 35 weeks... and I'm almost 38... no big deal, I'm just small... how did that happen? We were looking at pictures yesterday from when I was pregnant with Colby... 40 days before he was born... and I was HUGE! Maybe this baby won't be so big after all?

I ordered a carseat and it came yesterday. It's really nice! Except I can't figure out how to get the seat out of the base. Uh oh. I'll have to have Art look at it.

My boys! They caught a huge moth and carried it around almost all day, last week. Will put it in the gecko cage and the gecko tried to eat it... which Colby did not like AT ALL. Poor buddy! We had to rescue him out of there, and then we let him go.

Big news: We bought a "new" van yesterday. It's a 2002 Chevy Astro Van. I like it because it is an 8 passenger. Art likes it because it's a Chevy and in awesome shape. The kids love it because it's big, and they have their own radio. We pick it up tonight if all goes well.

Happy Hump Day!

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Katrina said...

What a fantastic view! I am sorry that you will need iv antibiotics through the l&d.