Saturday, September 20, 2008

Maternity Pics

We had my sister take some maternity pics today. I am officially 38 w, 2 d pregnant. We ended up taking over 240 pictures! These are just a couple of my favorite ones.
We're not sure what happened with the lighting in this first picture, but I LOVE it!!! I love how the light is shining right on my belly. Baby is already in the spotlight!

A family pic, of course! I love how Sam and Will are looking at my belly.
And let me tell you, it was VERY hard to get back up!!

Making a heart with our hands!

I took individual pics with each child... and this one I just love!!

Things are going well with us. Baby is moving lots and lots. And with not much room, and a big baby, I can feel everything!! I still have lots of heartburn and indigestion. I was hoping to not have to refill my zantac prescription again, much I just might have to. I literally drink it right from the bottle a few times a day.
Note to self: No more banana splits from Friendly's. (They keep me up all night.)
I go see my midwife on Wednesday. Until then, I'm thinking the baby won't come any time soon.

Art says he CANNOT come tonight or tomorrow... because he has a group of guys set up to go 4-wheeling and he doesn't get to do that too often. SO... if I go into labor, I'll be all alone....

Boys had bowling today, another good day. Colby is doing great, he got a few spares today!! And Will did AWESOME! He bowled a 130! Wow! His average today was 87 but I'm sure it will be higher next week.
And Samantha had travel softball tryouts. She did great. She was one of only a couple of girls who hit all the balls that were pitched to them (from a machine). She did great all around, and it was great to see other girls she knows. We're really hoping she makes the "B" team and not the "A" team... but I have a feeling her two good friends Michelle (the awesome pitcher) and Melena (the awesome catcher) might go to the "A" team.
Tomorrow Samantha's fall ball team has two games, and the first is at 8 am!! Oy!! And did I mention, Art is going 4-wheeling so I am on my own??? Lovely. She has another game at 12. Hopefully they win this time.


krcrafts said...

Great pics! Love the one with Samantha :)

so A"MUSE"D said...

Wow those are so fantastic... can't wait to meet little Owen!

Laurie said...

Those pics are great!! You'll cherish those forever I am sure!!

Katrina said...

What beautiful photos Tracy!

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