Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Day!

Here is the latest picture of the baby!! This was taken on Tuesday, February 26. What a difference between this scan and the last one! I love that you can actually see arm buds and leg buds and that big head! The heart was beating 178 beats/ minute which is just perfect.
I haven't been doing so well myself though. I've been extremely dehydrated, and two days ago I had a nurse come to the house and hook me up to an IV so I could get continuous fluids. Imagine that! At home! I didn't even know they did that. It was okay, although I was so dehydrated that they had to stick me 5 times before they got a vein! Ouch! Did I mention I HATE needles and IVs??? They came and took it out this morning, and I have a dr. appt this afternoon. Let's hope they say I'm all better!
The kids are doing great. Sam is really showing her maturity and helping me through all this. Today is MisMatch day at school in honor of Leap Day so the boys had fun with that, mostly just by mismatching their socks and shoes.
This weekend is the International Fair for Girl Scouts. I hope I can go! The girls have been working pretty hard!