Saturday, February 16, 2008


Well....let's see...where do we begin?
February 12th was Samantha's 11th birthday! Unfortunately, she says it was "the most horrible birthday ever"... She went to school as usual, and I was home getting sick constantly. So I was on the phone with the doctor when the school called, Sam fell off of a pogo stick and cut her lip open. So I dragged my sick self to get her, and brought her to the doctor...that was a joke because I was so sick I could hardly sit still!!! They referred us to a plastic surgeon because she needed stitches. So I had to call Art home so he could bring her, so I could get myself to the doctor. The doctor told me I could either go to the hospital and get an IV or try a new medicine. I opted for the new medicine. So I went home, hopeful it would work. Sam got her stitches and even though they hurt she was okay. Couldn't eat her birthday dinner though. And right during dinner Art noticed the cat was walking strange, not using his back legs. He had to rush him to the hopsital, he had a blood clot and had to be put to sleep. And to top it off, the pharmacy never mixed Sam's antibiotics so he had to go and get that again. It was NOT a good birthday.
And I'd like to say that new medicine worked for me, but it didn't. So on the 13th I had to go to ER and get myself rehydrated. I hate ERs!! Seven hours in there. But it worked... since then I have been able to hold food down, what a relief!
I just love this picture of Colby, licking all the frosting off of the cake container!! I couldn't bake a cake for Sam, so my mom bought one at the store. Colby really liked the frosting!
Sam is out of basketball for 2 weeks. She's not happy about that at all!!! But she does get the stitches out on the same day as her birthday party, so she's looking forward to that!
And Art had been wonderful, picking up all the slack and really helping out. Unfortunately, he's been doing so much that he's gotten himself sick again. He's got a coughing/aching/sneezing cold and feels awful. Poor honey!

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so A"MUSE"D said...

Oh my goodness it looks like that hurt Sam... but i'm so glad that you are all beginning to feel better now!