Thursday, February 10, 2011

February 10

the Leahon household is as busy as ever!
Almost 2 weeks ago, our washer died. It's taken 2 different parts but Art fixed it last night! It's so funny that I'm so happy to have my washing machine back! I've only done 3 loads so far, there is so much to do.
The boys are getting closer and closer to their Black Belts! At this point they have to go to a special Black Belt Prep class every Wednesday, plus their other classes. They also have binders FULL of work they need to do, such as a book report, logs of exercises, etc. It's a big process. Will is really into, Colby not so much. We're proud of them for becoming Black Belts!
The kids got their report cards last week. Samantha made the High Honor Roll and Will made the Honor Roll!! I am so happy for both of them!! :) Colby also did well. He improved in many areas. He is doing great in math! All three of them seem to be great in math.
We watched the Superbowl here! We invited the Ayers over and it was a fun time! Only 3 of us were rooting for the Packers, including me. It was a great game! Poor Owen could not sleep with everything going on, so he was up until 10:30! Oy!
He woke up Monday morning with a red rash on his face, took him to the dr and he has an infection in his mouth. So he's on an antibiotic and happily eating lollipops and popsicles!
The boys also had their Blue and Gold Dinner last weekend. Since Will is now a Boy Scout, he served the dinner! It was nice to have him serve us. Colby got his Webelos patch, he is not a year 2 Webelo.


vrybby said...

Cool! Keep posting)

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