Monday, February 21, 2011

Can't believe Samantha is now 14!

Samantha turned 14 on February 12. So hard to believe that my little baby is 14 now! It seems like just yesterday that she was laying in that incubator in the NICU, one eye open and one eye closed, all the time. We called her "one-eyed Sam" for a while because of it! Well, she is now well into her teenage years. She now knows everything, it's true, just ask her!
For her birthday she had a hanfdul of friends over to play air hockey, eat Dad's pizza and watch a movie. They also managed to go through lots of mountain dew and candy!!
On February 11, there was an International Night at CES. Colby didn't host a country, but we went along to see what was happening. Ms. Dunn did some fun dances, and Owen really liked doing the chicken dance!! He was so cute! We also had a great time sampling foods and candies from other countries. At the end of the evening there was a performance from and African Drumming Group. Amazing!! We loved it. Colby even got up and danced with them. We bought a CD and Owen loves to listening to the 'drum drums'. At the end of the night they let the kids hit the drums a bit-- it was hard to get Owen away!!
The boys are on the path to becoming Black Belts-- we have paid the required testing fees and are working on all the stuff they need to know. Each boy has a binder that is chock-full of information. It's going to be tough but it will be a HUGE accomplishment when they are finished.
Samantha's basketball team is going strong. She missed a few games but is back into the swing of it now. We love to watch her play!
Last week she was sick though, a whole week of being sick. It scared me, I thought maybe she had mono. But turns out it was just a virus that knocked her out. She tried to go to school on Thrusday but ended up almost fainting and being sent home. She's better now, I'm happy to say. Although, there is a little part of me that likes when she is sick because she is much nicer, and she likes to cuddle :)
Art also got sick, but luckily it was on the weekend. He was knocked out too, in a different way though. Where Sam was just tired and lethargic, Art was very sick. I slept on the couch, hopefully I didn't catch anything. If there's one thing a Mom can't be, it's sick.
Last week the weather here was beautiful, we were outside quite a bit. Even with snow on the ground it was so nice. But last night it snowed again and it's back in the 20s. I'm ready for spring!!!!
The boys are headed to a friend's house to sled and Sam and a group of friends are going rollderksating! I'm desperately needing to make a grocery list and go shopping... so I'm off!

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Amy said...

Love all the pictures, and there is no way that Sam is 14 I just don't believe it!