Friday, April 16, 2010

We survived Easter!

Here we are! We're still here! I've wanted to update this blog many many times but I just have been swamped. I don't know why I take on so many things, but I do!
One thing I've been working on obviously is Will's trip to Australia. It's coming quickly-- gah!! Check out my other blog to see how we're coming.
Otherwise we are doing good.
Samantha is playing softball now, for both her rec team and her modified team. I spoke with her modified coach yesterday and she had nothing but good things to say about Sam. It's always nice to hear someone compliment your kid!! And we knew it would happen, but we got an email asking Sam to consider playing for the travel team too.
Samantha is really getting into clogging, too. In fact right now she is away with my mom in Buffalo at a clogging convention! I'm so happy for her. She will have so much fun!
Will is doing great. Bowling is over right now, there end-of-the-year party is tomorrow. He is signed up to do a summer league too and is eager to get that started. He misses bowling when it's over. Will also has discovered a class in school he loves- tech! I'm glad. It seems like something that would be in his genes, Art is very much like that.
Colby is good too. Same with bowling as Will. Not much else to report with him.
Owen is good too. 18 months old now. Cry cry. We have discovered he loves slides at the playground!! And he loves balls. He says BALL now. Also BOOT. And GET DOWN.
Enjoy the pictures!!

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