Sunday, April 18, 2010


There a two different sets of bunny pictures here. First there are photos of Nellie and Colby with Nellie's black and white bunny named Cookie. First it was named Horsey but she changed it!! This bunny is so soft and cuddly and lovable. Nellie carries it around in a little cloth bag and brings it everywhere. It loves to be held. Colby sure liked it too!
The other bunny pictures are little bunnies Shea found last night in the pit. She had them in her mouth, so Art brought them home. We weren't sure what to do with them so we checked online and it said to put them back. So we ended up putting them back, although one was already dead and the other was dying also. The third hopped right away. These bunnies were so tiny and adorable. The one was trying to nurse and it was neat to watch. Will fell in love with the 'good' one and didn't want to put it back.
This morning he went back to check on them and the two were dead, with blood on them so we know an animal must have gotten them.

Yesterday was the end of year bowling ceremony! Colby and Evan's team came in 2nd place overall!! Both boys ended up with trophies, pins and patches. We also got to have a quick lunch before we rushed off to Will's P2P meeting. And then last night Art and I were able to go out- just the two of us! We went to dinner with another couple, our neighbors, and then ended up at some new arcade playing games. We had a blast!

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so A"MUSE"D said...

Oh Tracy cute pictures, sorry about the babies!