Sunday, September 6, 2009

An update!

It's September already.
Today we took the kids to Helen's for her annual Labor Day picnic. There were a lot of people there, and a lot of kids. Some friends of Art's have a little boy named Parker who is 14 months old, so I talked with his mom a lot and he and Owen "played" together.
Yesterday I took the kids to FunPlex to use up a 3-hour gift card Sam had. They were able to ride the go-karts numerous times, do the bumper boats, the big trampoline, the funny basketball hoops, and also the water wars a couple of times. It was really hot so the water wars felt great!!! After that we used our coupons to get ice cream at Lickety Split-- yum!
When we got home Owen felt hot-- because he had a 103.8 temp. Tylenol brought it down and it went away, but today it crept back to 100.5. Poor buddy. He seems fine otherwise.
Last week our neighbor made a homemade gokart for his grandson, so of course these guys had to ride on it too! Luckily we live on a street that is perfect to ride a gokart down! How fun!
The kids are ready to go back to school, which starts this Tuesday, the 8th.

Samantha just finished the 21-day meds for the lyme disease. She's still not feeling great so I'm not sure if she'll have to do more. She has had her school supplies labeled and ready to go for weeks now! I can't believe she'll be a 7th grader!

Will has been feeding his gecko huge crickets that Art finds at the other house. He's also been giving her a taste of grasshoppers. It's really fun to watch the gecko eat! Will is lucky that Samantha enjoyed labeling things and organizing things-- she organized all of his back to school stuff!

Colby is doing well. :) And Owen too. Owen is still getting into trouble, but we love him so much!! His laugh is so cute. He absolutely adores his sister and brothers. They can all make him laugh when he's upset!

The other day he fed himself yogurt, which is what some of the pictures above are!!

Art is almost done with the long have I been saying that?

Tomorrow we're headed to the Chatham Fair! One last day of fun before school!!!

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