Monday, September 14, 2009

Back to Life as we knew it before summer...

The kids are back in school! I'm sad to see them go because I miss having them around all of the time. However, they were getting bored with being home, and very bored with eachother. They are doing good at school and are happy to have things to do. So far, they haven't had much homework so that is nice. I'm sure it will be soon enough though!
On Labor Day we brought the kids to the Chatham Fair and let them ride the rides. It was fun, until Will got a belly ache and felt like he was going to throw up. His favorite ride was the gravitron, where they spin you around really fast. It's no wonder he was sick!!
And then a quick trip to Dair Queen for some ice cream!!!
And then school started...
And on Thursday, Will and Colby tested in tae kwon do... they are now high red belts. Woohoo!!
On Friday Art and Will went camping with the BoyScouts. They just got back yesterday. It was a fun trip, except that is rainy and windy when they got there on Friday night. But it was mostly good weather the rest of the time, and they were able to fish and hike and I'm sure Will had a great time.
Sam joined a new Girl Scout troop. The did face painting at a school ice-cream social on Friday, and Sam was able to do Nellie's and Braelyn's faces! That was exciting. Colby wanted nothing to do with the face painting. But they were giving away free ice cream, which we enjoyed-- a lot!!!
Yesterday the troop went mini-golfing. I hope Sam likes this troop.

Owen spilled water on my laptop, and now some of the buttons don't work right. Very annoying!!!

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