Monday, August 24, 2009


It's Monday!
And oh what a day today has been!! I started watching a little girl named Ilana today, and her sister too, but her sister will only be here for 2 weeks. Ilana got along very well with Owen, which makes me very happy. They played nicely with little people and blocks. Had crackers on the deck. Played outside on the little castle and little trampoline. It's been a great day.
Samantha and Sarah were here... and then their friend Michelle came over, who is spending the night. And then Tommy came over to swim and "hang out".
Will is here. Jordan and Lucas and Aldin have been here too. Swimming and playing.
Colby went to Cameron's for the afternoon!!
The boys were supposed to go to tae kwon do tonight, but they asked to stay home because Jordan is available to play tonight. Since there is only 2 weeks left of summer vacation, and it's a nice night, and they already have lots of stripes, we're letting them stay home and play.

The kids had a great time camping with Grammy. Jenn was there so Sam was happy!!
It was so so quiet without them here. But, it's even better to have them home, chaos and everything!!!

Happy Monday!

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