Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's Sunday!!!

It's Sunday. Owen had me up at 5:30 this morning. I tried and tried to get him to go back to sleep but he wouldn't. So I got up. Didn't want to, but I had. Now it's 8 am and guess who is napping? Yes, Owen fell asleep around 7:30. I figure I will update the blog and then shower in peace.

Last week Samantha went up to Lake George for a week with her friend Alexis. She ended up coming home on Thursday because she was sick and throwing up. We first thought it was a reaction to the meds, but seeing as she had been on them for a week at that point, the dr. didn't think so. Sam wasn't 100%, but she was "good enough" to go to camp with my mom on Friday for the weekend. Actually, all 3 older kids went.

Last week, without Sam, I took the boys to a splash pad I found in Rensselaer. It is really cool! I couldn't get many pictures because, well, there is water spraying everywhere!! But I was able to get some. The boys had fun. But Owen LOVED it. Loved it!! He just walked around to all the different fountains. He doesn't like getting water in his face, but after a while he was okay with that too. There were a few beach balls there and he really liked them. I need to get him one. It was a great day and it was fun. We only stayed an hour because Owen got tired and the boys were hungry. It's closed now, but next year we'll go back!

This was a hot week so he were in the water whenever we could. The hot weather made the pool turn a little green, so Art had to shock it and fix it. There were a couple of days when Owen and I went in the pool every couple of hours! It's just so refreshing when you're dripping with sweat. (eww)

Colby caught a frog. He tried to keep it in the little plastic container, but the frog was smarter than that. Not only did it get on the edge *where Art took a picture*, but when I went to go outside, it hopped after me. So we let him loose.

Art and I went to a barbecue with Owen yesterday. It was fun! Everyone loved Owen. Art's friend made him a little sandbox, that was very cute because Owen's never played in sand before. He kept grabbing it with his little hands and then letting it seep out through his fingers. It was cute. But then it rained. We stayed in the garage, but Owen wanted to be out in the rain. We let him and he got soaked. But he had a blast! We were there for 6 hours-- and as SOON AS we put Owen in his carseat, he fell asleep!

Have a happy Sunday!

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so A"MUSE"D said...

Wow another great round of pictures. Love Owens little baby stance... he's just so sweet!