Monday, October 18, 2010

Owen's birthday party!

On Saturday we celebrated Owen's 2nd birthday with a small party at home with family. We had a Sesame Street theme of course because Owen LOVES Elmo and Ernie right now! He was excited because he got an Ernie for a gift! He got a little Elmo, an Elmo potty, some cars, some books, and other toys. He was hesitant to open the gifts at first but quickly understood what to do!
Sam's friend Lauren made Owen his Elmo cupcakes and they were a hit!! Adorable looking, and delicious!
Today is Monday, and Will is home from school because he came down with pink eye yesterday. He's not actually sick though, so he's out on the trampoline with Owen! Owen loves it. Will is so good with him. So far today they have read books, watched an Elmo DVD, and played together. Owen is lucky to have older siblings who are so good to him!


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