Thursday, June 3, 2010

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

....isn't that how they saying goes? If it's true, well then... our family has been having LOADS of fun lately!!
Samantha's hamster Dew passed away... that was sad. Art and I were feeding her with a little medicine dropper and she seemed okay. But she was very sick and dehydrated and she passed away. Sam was very very upset. It was sad. But a few nights later we were at the pet store to get crickets... and two little hamsters caught my eye. We brought them home and their names are Thing 1 and Thing 2. They are so so cute!!! We are able to hold them and play with them and they are lots of fun. Way different than Dew, who bit everyone who came near her.

I cannot believe it is June already. School is almost over and sports are ending. Sam's modified softball is over. They had a great season and it was fun to watch! She made new friends and even made a name for herself. At her last game yesterday, when she got up to bat a man next to me that I don't know said 'now this girl looks like she knows how to play softball!'
For rec she has one of the best teams. Their last game is this weekend but they have only lost 2 games so they will be in the playoffs next week.
And her travel teams has their first double header this weekend! Sam has to miss the first game though because she has a church obligation.

Colby has his last Cub Scout meeting last night. They ended with a picnic at the town park. It was a great way to end the year!
The boys should be testing for tae kwon do this week but we just couldn't fit it in, so they will test next month. It gets so hard when you have so many conflicts!

Tonight Colby has his third grade concert and he is singing a solo!!
Will's concert is next week and he is doing a special # on the recorder!!
I think Sam has a concert too but I'll have to check.

Will's big school trip is tomorrow to Mystic, Conn. But right now he is sick and very upset and scared that he will miss tomorrow. I really hope not.

Sam marched in a Memorial Day parade in EG and the boys marched in the Castleton one. Luckily they were on different days!! In between we brought the kids (plus Nellie and Braelyn) to my mom's camp for Sunday. The kids have so much fun there!

Owen is getting so big and talking a lot. He says lots of words... lately it is bike, and 'there's a bike!' along with bat and ball. He says turn it off, get down, mine, banana, and mimics almost anything. It's so funny to hear him talking so much!! He loves reading and looking at books. And he definitely loves riding his bike, or any bike for that matter. Anything with wheels! And he loves motorcycles too. He has his own little personality. I love him!!!!