Monday, November 9, 2009

Picture update!!!!

Here are our pictures from Halloween. Sorry to be doing this so late, but I've been having a problem uploading pictures. they are!
We had a great Halloween. We went to a party the night before at the school. That was a lot of fun!! And then on Halloween night we went to the Ayer's for a GROSS dinner (worms and blood and guts) and then out trick or treating. Will went with his friend Elijah, and Samantha went around our own neighborhood, but with a bunch of her friends. Art and I brought Colby and Owen around, with our neighbor Jason. As usual, Colby got tired very quickly. And Owen was sleeping in the babyhawk. So we just went home.
It rained a lot, so Sam and her friends came home early and hung out in the basement. That was fun for them! And Art went to a neighbors and played poker.

The next day, we brought Colin to the corn maze. Will wasn't feeling well so we couldn't stay too long. But it was a beautiful day and we did a lot there.

Happy November!

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so A"MUSE"D said...

Oh my Art makes the best Elmo! You guys look great in your costumes!