Monday, July 2, 2007

Here are some new pictures!! The one of Colby is his new lost tooth. He looks funny now, it's like a Snaggle Tooth! That's what I call it. It's getting ready to fall out too.... but not quite yet.
And the pictures of Colby playing with the hose are fun! I love the one of his foot. He was just splashing mud everywhere. I really think they would choose the hose over the pool!!
And here also is a picture of Will and Colby in their Tae Kwon Do outfits. They have earned their white belts and are working toward the next one. They look so sweet!!!
Today was a lot cooler than last week! Only in the 70s! And yet the kids still want to go swimming!! I used to be like that, but now I'd rather be dry and warm!! :)
We brought the kids to visit Kaden last night, and see my dad's new house. It's a nice house. And Kaden is so cute! Too bad we couldn't hold him (that's a whole nother story) but we did get to see him. There are also 4 kittens at the house, and they kids really loved them. Especially Sam. She loved the runt!!
Brought Sam to the orthodontist today. She will have a metal mouth by August 2!! She gets most of the stuff on August 1... which is also the first day of cheerleading practice! Oy!


Didi said...

What fun photos! Love that toothless grin! Isn't it wild how grownup they look when they get their big teeth? Those hose pix bring back memories....ahh summer! TFS!

Jenn said...

great pics Tracy, love colby's toothless smile :)